‘No win no fee’ – What you need to know?

Is extremely probable that at sometime in your life you will be involved in some form of legal transaction, whether it be in the form of a buying a house, getting divorced or a major court case.

And worrying about legal costs can be frightening – especially in a big litigation case like, for example an accident or medical negligence claim, or a business litigation case. It’s hardly surprising that many people are simply left asking themselves the question of how exactly they can go about paying for it. Thankfully amidst all the legal jargon you are likely to hear, there is one term that can help alleviate the financial pressures. ‘No win no fee’ is a term used by law firms, but what does it actually mean? This article looks at what the term ‘no win no fee’ means and the steps you can take to pursue a claim under such an agreement.

What exactly is ‘no win no fee’?

In most aspects ‘no win no fee’ is pretty self-explanatory, as it entitles a claimant to put forward a claim without needing to pay the legal costs upfront. It is a risk free approach largely because in bringing a claim,, in broad terms, you will only need to pay if you win your case.

However, no win no fee, [or a conditional fee agreement as is often known] can take on different variations – as in some instances you may only have to pay some or part of the costs, this is especially true when a judge orders the defendant in the case to pay part or all of your legal fees. If you are putting forward a medical negligence claim, then there is every chance that the insurance company covering the Doctor or hospital in question may cover your fees should you win. Pursuing a claim via a ‘no win no fee’ agreement is the perfect option for those who don’t want to or can’t afford expensive court fees and unnecessary stress.

Will my claim qualify for a ‘no win no fee’ approach?

Many types of court claims can be taken on under ‘no win no fee’, but some are more widely considered suitable for such agreement than others. Here at Bonallack & Bishop our experienced team regularly run clinical or medical negligence cases, along with accident claims what most people think about when they hear the phrase ‘no win no fee’.

Your no-win no fee claim – finding the right solicitor

Finally of your case potentially qualifies for ‘no win no fee’ funding is one thing, finding the right solicitor to handle your case is another thing entirely.

To start your search for the right solicitor, probably the first place to start is to ask for recommendations from friends and family. Failing that go online and google – not only should you have a look at the website of any law firm you’re considering, but don’t forget there are increasing number of online reviews of law firms – so you can see what other people are saying about the solicitors in your area. You probably wouldn’t buy washing machine without checking out some online reviews – picking the right solicitor is no different.

Make sure that you find a firm with real expertise in your kind of case. So when it comes to picking a really good specialist solicitor for say an accident claim or medical negligence case – you should start at looking at which firms locally have members of the in relevant membership panels (such as the Law Society Personal Injury Panel). You may be surprised to find out how few solicitors really are specialist.

However, all this careful preparation will be for nothing if you don’t feel comfortable and at ease around your chosen solicitor. Trust is key and knowing that you can talk about your case in a judgement free environment will always be important when it comes to putting your case forward.

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