Road Traffic Offences

There goes my licence; there goes my life

The use of a car is central to most people’s lives in Salisbury – especially in the surrounding rural villages. When, following a motoring offence, the law stops you using your car for why by disqualifying you from driving, it can have catastrophic personal and economic consequences. You could lose your job and even your home. You could be unable to support your family or easily get to shops, medical facilities and friends. If you live in a remote rural location outside Salisbury, you could find yourself effectively stranded.

Please save my licence

Our experienced and specialist road traffic solicitors have often successfully managed to persuade courts not disqualify drivers. If you face a court hearing for a road traffic offence which could result in your disqualification from driving, contact our road traffic legal team without delay.

Even if you see no alternative other than to plead guilty to a road traffic offence, don’t despair. Our skilled road traffic solicitors have often managed to argue for a reduction in the level of the penalty imposed by the court.

It IS possible to avoid disqualification

Our skilled road traffic lawyers have helped their clients avoid disqualification in the following circumstances:

• Dangerous driving – likely disqualifications can be reduced to a fine plus up to eleven penalty points.

• Speeding – you can avoid conviction by proving that the police evidence was incorrect.

• Drink driving – by providing convincing evidence that the offence did not take place on road or public place or that the reading was the result of drinking that took place after driving or that drinks had been ‘spiked’. Be aware, however, that this is a particularly hard argument to run

• Driving without insurance – there are certain limited defences for this offence and our road traffic solicitors are aware of them all.

• Mobile phone offences – although the maximum penalty is three points these can be all that are needed to accumulate enough points on your licence to reach the twelve points within three years total that will result in automatic disqualification. An expert road traffic solicitor might be able to successfully argue one of the limited defences for this offence for you.

Reasons that are ‘special’ and hardships that are ‘exceptional’

Automatic disqualification for certain motoring offences can be avoided by proving either:

• ‘Special reasons’ – a ‘special reason’ is a factor special to the offence, e.g. ‘spiked drinks’ or having to drive in an emergency.


• ‘Exceptional hardship’ – common grounds for proving ‘exception hardship’ include loss of livelihood and hardship to the drivers family, employer or employees.

Both ‘special reasons’ and ‘exception hardship’ usually require skilled and technical argument on the part of the driver’s solicitor to prove. Thus most drivers consider the cost of paying for an experienced road traffic solicitor as well worth it if it allows them to continue driving.

If you think your case might involve either ‘special reasons’ or exceptional’ hardship, don’t delay in contacting one of our road traffic solicitors.

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