No Win No Fee Claims

How can No Win No Fee help me?

• Making a personal injury or medical negligence claim can be incredibly expensive without a no win no fee arrangement in place – about no win no fee, many people would simply not be able to claim the compensation they are entitled to

• You don’t need to worry about paying your legal bill – the financial risk is borne by your solicitor rather than yourself. If you win your case, the other side should pay your legal costs – if you lose, your solicitor simply doesn’t get paid

Can anyone making a compensation claim use a no win no fee arrangement?

• Your solicitor will always advise you on the suitability of your claim for a no win no fee arrangement ( or conditional fee arrangement – CFA – to give it its formal name) and will not offer you one if they believe the risk of your claim being unsuccessful as too high, or they consider that the defendant might be unable to pay the costs if you win

• Many types of claim (family and criminal matters excepted) are suitable for no win no fee arrangements. Amongst the claims our team run using no win no fee are;

o Medical negligence claims

o Personal injury claims

What happens with no win no fee if my claims fails?

Simple – you won’t have to pay your solicitors’ fees. But you can rest assured, that our solicitors lose very few no win no fee claims – there’s a really big incentive on us with no win no fee – because if we don’t win, we don’t get paid. As a result you can guarantee that our highly experienced team will give 100% to win the compensation for you that you deserve.

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