Civil and commercial litigation in Salisbury

Civil litigation is often a stressful life event, juggling as it often does unfamiliarity with a complex and opaque-seeming legal process and concerns about costs and with emotions which might still be running high.  When it comes to commercial litigation the process can also prove to be an enormous drain on management resources and time which would be far better spent on other matters.

Specialist litigation and dispute resolution expertise

Our Salisbury based specialist civil and commercial litigation solicitors understand only too well the burden that litigation can place on individuals and businesses.  Using their extensive experience and specialised skills in all aspects of litigation they exist to lift that burden from you and work towards the most effective and expeditious resolution of your dispute possible.

Our teams’ specialist knowledge and experience of litigation represent an extremely safe pair of hands when it comes to:

Civil litigation

Commercial litigation

Landlord and tenant disputes

Building disputes/property litigation/construction disputes

Property and boundary disputes

Corporate/partnership disputes

Consumer law

Debt recovery

Contractual problems

Disputes with customers

Professional negligence

Insurance claims

Problems with debt repayment

Commercial property disputes

Consumer law

Professional negligence

Inheritance Act Claims

Warranty claims

Building and construction disputes

Intellectual property litigation

Horse law

Director and shareholder disputes

Validity of wills

Environmental law prosecutions

Inadequate provision in a will or under intestacy rules

Health and safety prosecutions

Negligent drafting of wills and estate administration

Franchise disputes

 Effective dispute resolution should be cost effective and quick

We always try to save you time and money by seeking to settle cases by negotiation or resolving them using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. These can prove to be more successful in reaching a mutually satisfactory outcome for both parties than rigorously formal and adversarial court proceedings.

Isn’t commercial litigation simply too expensive?

The costs of not upholding your rights in a business dispute can often prove to be even more expensive and so, to widen access to affordable litigation, we offer conditional fee agreements, including no win no fee arrangements, for appropriate cases. Additionally, if the use of an ADR method will cut the time and costs needed to reach a resolution, we will always, if possible, pursue that option first.

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