Criminal Law

Getting into trouble with the law can be an occupational hazard, a lifestyle consequence, or, as in the case of many people, the result a rare moment of misjudgement. Whatever led to your involvement with the criminal justice system, you will generally need the help of an expert criminal lawyer to ensure the best outcome for you.

Criminal Law – how we can help you

If you are in trouble and need to see the police or attend a court hearing in Salisbury, you need specialist criminal legal help as soon as possible.

Here at Bonallack and Bishop, our expert criminal lawyers offer a wide range of criminal law advice and support. This includes:

• Helping you from the very beginning by providing FREE representation (under the legal aid scheme) at Salisbury and other local police stations 24 hours a day. They will offer you initial advice and , if necessary, attend any interview with you. They will also represent you, free of charge, at any other investigatory interview at which a police or customs officer is present. FREE representation at the police station is your legal right.

• Representing you in all types of criminal offence – from complex commercial crime, to offences against the person (including murder) and road traffic offences. Means tested legal aid is available for many types of criminal cases and your solicitor can help you to apply for it. They can then represent you at Salisbury Magistrates’ or Youth Court, and if necessary at the Crown Court in Salisbury.

• Representing you at both police station and court to ensure that you:

o Are informed of the nature of the allegation you face in a way you understand.

o Have sufficient time and support to investigate and prepare any defence.

o Are represented in court by one of our criminal lawyers.

o Receive help to apply for legal aid – if your finances qualify you, and case requires it

o Have free access to an interpreter if required.

You don’t need to worry about coping with the complex criminal justice system alone – contact our criminal law department today.

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