No win no fee business disputes

As the legal costs involved in business disputes can sometimes be particularly expensive, many businesses are often put off entering into litigation simply down to a fear of a high legal bill at the end of the day. That’s not good for business, and it certainly isn’t justice.

But, here at Bonallack and Bishop, we have a solution – extending conditional fee and no win no fee arrangements to cover business litigation. This means that you can run your case on the basis of a discounted fee or on a no win no fee scheme.

How can a conditional fee help your business?

Business conditional fee agreements – which include no win no fee schemes – allow one of our team to:

o Advise on the merits of a case

o Negotiate a settlement, if possible, without the need for a court application

o Issue formal proceedings at court if required

The business team here at Bonallack and Bishop have considerable experience both in running conditional fee agreements and in business litigation. With many years of previous experience running hundreds of personal injury and medical negligence claims using similar schemes, extending these arrangements to cover business disputes seemed a logical progression.

What types of business disputes qualify for these agreements?

Our team are able to run a wide variety of appropriate business disputes using conditional fee agreements including’

o business partnership disputes

o professional negligence claims

o contractual disputes

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