Bonallack and Bishop Aim to Double Lease Extension Work

Here at Bonallack and Bishop we’ve got big plans to increase the amount of lease extension work in the next two years. We already have a dedicated legal team who work exclusively on freehold purchase, right to manage and lease extension cases, and they already handle well over 200 cases every year. We understand that there are around 1.5 million leasehold flats in England and Wales, all of which will need a leasehold extension at some stage. We think that this presents a great opportunity to increase the workload of our lease extension significantly, and expand our team too.

We’re not just hoping that increased business floods in because of the current housing boom. We are already starting a marketing campaign, based around educating leaseholders. It is staggering to see how many long residential leaseholders are unaware of their legal rights to force the freeholder into extending their leases by up to 90 years, and understand that it’s not just flat owners who may have this right. Lots of estate agents, mortgage brokers and other property professionals also have a shaky grasp on the lease extension process, and when trying to sell a flat with a short lease remaining this becomes a huge issue.

We have already noticed an increase in the amount of work we’re doing, and as well as giving our team of specialist lease extension solicitors extra administrative support, the company’s trainee solicitor is about to join the team.

Act now to start your lease extension

There’s only one very simple piece of advice when it comes to lease extension – start the process now. As time passes your lease gets shorter, which makes extending it more expensive. The situation is worse because of the current housing market and rapidly rising prices, as the cost to extend your lease is based on the value of your property. As your flat goes up in value, so does the amount you’re going to have to pay to extend your lease.

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Most conveyancing solicitors only deal with lease extensions once every few years if at all – and sadly many of them don’t do it well. It’s a tricky area of law and you really need a specialists.We have the only specialist lease extension team in Wiltshire. Lease extension, along with freehold enfranchisement and right to manage company formation is all they do. So for genuine expert legal advice on extending your lease;

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